Why is it that a cure for everything has been found, but not for cancer? This question arises daily, but the answer is kept a secret from the public for years:

Following you will see 10 causes of cancer which we are not aware of, but we keep on consuming them:

Hormones in meat and milk – sadly, the domestic animals nowadays are being fed with artificial food and hormones in order to be more productive and give more milk and meat. These terrible hormones cause cancer, inflammations and other different diseases.

Mammography, dental X rays, scanners at the airport – all these rays are causes of cancer even though they are used to supposedly prevent the disease.

Aluminum deodorants – we apply deodorants on the armpits and that is the area where most of the breast cancers first appear. The the deodorants are filled with aluminum and that is why you should use homemade or organic ones.

Toxic cosmetics – the skin is our largest organ, and yet we keep on treating it with toxic materials such as decorative cosmetics with petroleum and coal tar. They get into the bloodstream through the skin and make a perfect soil for cancer cells. This kind of cosmetics should be avoided and homemade should be used instead.

GMO soy and corn – American soy is full with hemagglutinin which converts the red corpuscles into clots. This is also put into the soy milk, so it should be avoided. Because the soy increases the levels of estrogen, you should use organic milk instead.

Artificial sweeteners – refined sugar, which can be found in soda and fructose, is a GMO product which causes cancer. The soda acidifies the organism and causes the cancer cells to spread. All the sodas should be removed from your diet, together with all kinds of refined sugar.

Fluoridated water – this water weakens the immunity by washing away the minerals from the body. It is not naturally filled with minerals, but it is rather artificial water. You should only drink spring water.

Drugs and vaccines – it is a public secret that the pharmaceutical industry only wants to make money by selling more and more medicines. You should find a trusting doctor instead, who will give you the right natural remedies.

Canned foods 
These foods contain a substance which is used to alter the brain cells in rats. This is disgusting enough, so you should stop consuming them immediately. Actually they contain bisphenol – A (BPA), which is also present in many plastic goods, thermal paper and water lines.

Commercial soaps, shampoos, toothpastes, creams – everything you put on your skin is directly absorbed into the blood. Every cosmetic product such as perfumes, animal by products, creams, make up which is not organic and natural causes appearance of cancer cells.

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