According to the nutritionists, fasting should not be understood as a method of starvation. When a question is raised about the fasting as a method for losing weight and also for improving the health, two opposite sides appear. The first one presents the opinion of those who are for this method, and the other one present the opinion of those who are against.


1. It reduces blood pressure
Fasting is one of the oldest methods used for refreshing the body. It allows the body to throw out the toxins and to rejuvenate the organs. It accelerates the detoxification, and may affect on the reduction in the level of blood fat. By eating fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as eating fish instead of meat, the body throws out the toxins, and it also has positive effect on the hair and the skin. At the same time it reduces the pressure on the chest, thus improving the breathing in the lungs.

2. It is effective against all types of cancer
Some studies show that a combination of some drugs with less toxicity and fasting can be a substitute for chemotherapy. This kind of combination kills cancer cells of the breast, colon and lung. It is very important to:

  • eat fruits and vegetables;
  • drink natural juices;
  • eat salad of fresh or pickled vegetables;
  • eat cooked vegetables;
  • eat fish
  • drink two and a half liters of water or tea


1. It can undermine health
The improper application of fasting can cause a lot of negative effects. By inserting insufficient caloric food with slightly vitamins and minerals, you can weaken your immunity and undermine your health. This happens when you insert small amounts of food. The results might be terrific: anemia, anorexia, avitaminosis- that is a lack of some vitamin.

2. Getting fat
Instead of losing weight, some are getting fat because of the improper diet. Under the excuse of fasting, some people eat excessive lean food, at the same time high-caloric such as: pasta, meals with lots of oil. The result is getting fat instead of losing weight. In this case people should reduce the bread, and in moments of crisis you should eat dried fruit, almonds, nuts and hazelnuts. The lean chocolate is also allowed.

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