Your tongue could reveal surprising secrets about your health. This article presents a simple way to regulate your health condition by using a kitchen utensil. This trick will help you check the state of your intestines, hormones, metabolism, respiratory system, hormones and kidneys.  All you have to do is to get a plastic bag and a spoon. As strange as it seems, Chinese have long used the tongue as a general indicator of health 5000 years ago. Moreover,even the Western science supports the use of tongue analysis to determine the overall health condition.


Scrape the tongue, especially the back of the tongue near the throat, with the front side of the spoon, and make sure you gather a fair amount of saliva. Then wrap a plastic bag around the spoon and keep it under a light for 60 seconds. If the spoon is clear and it smells like saliva, don’t worry! This means that you are on the safe side. Keep reading to find out what different results indicate.

WHITE:  Respiratory infections

PURPLE:  Bronchitis, high cholesterol or poor circulation

ORANGE:  Kidney issues, such as chronic renal disease

WHITE OR THICK YELLOW: imbalance in your mouth or thyroid issues

If the spoon stinks, it indicates that you have bad breath. This is harmless and it can be solved by paying more attention to your oral health by regular gargling, brushing and flossing. However, it can be a sign of something more serious as well.

AMMONIA SMELL: Improper function of kidneys

SWEAT SMELL:  Diabetes or high blood sugar count

OTHER SMELLS: Lung issues and gastric

This method doesn’t provide precise results and you cannot conclusive determine if your thyroid is affected, if you have a sore throat, or if your kidneys are failing you. However, even though this test is not meant to replace the diagnosis of a health professional, it can help you realize whether your body is in distress and seeks medical attention.

Additional Tips on How to Do Medical Screenings at Home

Clock test for dementia

  • Draw a clock and add the numbers in the right order, making the hands point to 3:40. You get a point for drawing a circle, placing the hands properly, placing the numbers properly, and getting all the 12 numbers. Any score lower than 4 could be alarming.

Cross-legged squat test for agility and longevity

  • Cross the legs, squat, and sit on the floor. Get up, and if you don’t use the feet or hands, you get 10 points. If any part touches the ground, you lose 1 point. Aim at getting 8 or higher. “According to researchers a couple of years ago, this test tests longevity  with alarming accuracy,” Azar said. “The lower your number, the greater likelihood it is that you’re going to die in the next six years.”

Cushion test for artery problems

  • Lie on the back and raise both legs to a 45-degree angle on the cushions.  Keep them elevated for a minute, and then hang them down over the side of the bed. If one or both feet become pale, it may indicate that you are suffering from a peripheral arterial disease.

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