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Despite the fact that farting is not the best sound you can hear, neither the farts smell nice, it is indication that your digestive system is well-functioning and there is balanced level of gut bacteria in your stomach. Probably all of you would agree that farting is not the most glamorous way to show that you are healthy, but it is completely natural thing.

Scientists have proved that the fart is consisted of:

  • 21% hydrogen
  • 9% carbon dioxide
  • 9% nitrogen
  • 7% methane
  • 4% oxygen
  • 1% hydrogen sulfide and that is the compound that makes the fart stinky.

On average, people fart between 10-14 times and most of the fats occur while you sleep.

Foods that are high in carbohydrates cause flatulence and some of these foods are beans, dairy products, oats, nuts, artichokes, sweet potatoes, soy and wheat.

If you want to spot farting you should eat only refined sugars, but that is not healthy option.

Women fart as much as men, despite the fact that farts are not much feminine. In fact, according to a study in which were included men and women who are the same quantity and type of food, it was proved that women have much more concentrated and odorous farts.

Why farting is good for you?

Bloat Reduction
Build-up of gas in the gut causes bloating and farting releases the gases. So, if the pants that you wear every day seem a little tight, the reason for that is a fart.

It Helps to Balance Your Diet
Your farts can help you to determine whether your nutrition is balanced or not, as your organism will react to different foods in a different manner. Studies proved that if you eat a lot of red meat, your farts will stink more. If you eat a lot of carbs, you’ll fart more often but the farts will have a neutral odor.

Reduce Abdominal Pain
If you don’t fart and hold the gas, it may cause abdominal pain called intestinal distension. Once you let the fart, the pain will disappear. You can massage your stomach and thus help the gas to flow through your digestive system.

Colon Health
If you are holding the gas or if you try to manipulate the way it is released, that may harm your colon and even inflame your hemorrhoids. Simply pass the gas naturally when you feel the need to do that. Patients who are suffering from some colon-related issue are told not to keep their farts in.

Smelling Your Farts is Healthy
This may sound weird and most of you would not admit it, but people like their own farts. When it comes to farts of other people – well, not so much.

According to experts, the reason for that probably is the fact that people instinctually know that farting is good for them. Namely, the hydrogen sulfide produced in the intestines during digestion may prevent mitochondrial damage to the cells. In same time this prevents strokes, heart disease as well as arthritis.

Determine Food Allergies
Flatulence is great way to determine whether you have or you don’t have certain food allergies such as lactose intolerance and Coeliac Disease. If you have certain food allergy, you will notice extra gas passing after consuming these foods.

If you suspect that you might have an allergy, you should visit a doctor and make detailed laboratory tests.

It’s Pleasurable
Farting is fantastic feeling that somehow makes you feel released.

In order to lower the amounts of gas you pass, try the following:

  • Visit a doctor and make sure that you don’t have any medical condition that require medical attention
  • Eat slowly and chew food well
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners and carbonated drinks
  • Exercise regularly

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